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Guides for Selecting the Best Yeast Strain

Whatever you are brewing will determine the type of yeast you will choose. Most of these yeast strains are named according to the purpose they are meant for, and thus it can be somehow easy for one to get the yeast strain they want. But at the same time, you should not be fully dependent on the name of the yeast; there are indicators which you must also look into. The factors below should be considered when selecting yeast. Click on this link for more.

Check the attenuation of the yeast. Your preference will determine the attenuation levels of the yeast you want to buy. The attenuation refers to the sugars that the said yeast can ferment. Hydrometers are used to measure the attenuation levels of the yeast. One should know that their beer style affects the yeast type they want and its attenuation percentage.

There are yeast strains which always drop to the bottom of the fermenter after fermentation. The degree to which the yeast cells drop to the bottom after clumping together is called flocculation. There are yeast strains which do not form these chunks but remain in suspension which means they have low flocculation. Such strains bring the necessity of refrigerating the beer to separate the yeast from the beer. It is therefore advisable to buy yeast strain which flocculates appropriately to meet the needs of your beer.

There are conditions under which a certain type of yeast can work properly. Alcohol levels can affect the performance of the yeast and therefore the need to check the alcohol tolerance of the yeast. One must, therefore, know the alcohol levels and thus select the yeast strain which can survive beyond this estimated alcohol levels which will prevent straining of the yeast when preparing beer. Discover more on this article.

Yeast work under a certain pressure. The temperature range is, therefore, another factor to be looked into. Look at the temperature levels under which a certain strain can work well. But the results of fermentation can be affected by the temperatures under which your yeast is working. You should, therefore, know the temperature range under which the yeast can work well. Know that the temperature levels will affect the flavor profile of your beer. Go for the yeast which can achieve your needs.
Source your yeast from the right stores. Go for the stores which are known to avail quality products. This will affect the outcome of your beer. Learn more here:

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